Frequently Asked Questions

What does Nikuncept Consulting specialize in?

Nikuncept Consulting specializes in helping startups and small businesses in Tech, Retail, and Service sectors achieve operational efficiency, robust growth, and maximized profits. We provide insights from financial and non-financial data to aid in strategic business decision-making.

What is your approach to helping my business grow?

We employ a proven methodology that starts with a free consultation to understand your business needs and challenges. We then take you through a systematic process, involving detailed questionnaires, deep dive sessions, execution of services, and continuous support even after project completion.

What sectors do you primarily serve?

We primarily serve startups and small businesses within the Tech, Retail, and Service sectors. However, our team is equipped with skills and knowledge that can benefit a broad range of industries.

What does your QuickBooks Online Implementation & Training service include?

We help you set up QuickBooks Online, a leading accounting software solution, and provide thorough training for you and your team to ensure effective use of the software. This service streamlines your accounting process, ensuring accurate financial records, simplified tax preparation, and valuable business insights.

Do you provide in-person Bookkeeping Services?

Yes, we provide both virtual and in-person bookkeeping services, depending on your preference and location. Our goal is to ensure your financial records are accurate and up-to-date, so you can focus on running your business.

What other services do you offer aside from those listed on your website?

Our services cover a wide range of business needs, including company income tax filing, TIN registration, PAYE filing, PAYE registration, and direct assessment registration. If you have a specific need not listed on our website, feel free to contact us for a discussion.

How does your Small Business Tax Service work?

Our Small Business Tax Service is designed to ensure your business remains compliant with all tax obligations. We offer tax planning, payment, filing, and advisory services, helping you understand your tax responsibilities, plan effectively to minimize liabilities, and ensure accurate and timely filing.

How can I get started with Nikuncept Consulting?

Getting started is simple! You can contact us for a free consultation or fill out our questionnaire to help us understand your business better. Once you’ve expressed interest in our services, we’ll develop a comprehensive proposal tailored to your specific needs.

What can I expect in your monthly management reports for bookkeeping services?

Our monthly management reports provide a detailed account of your business’s financial activities for the month. They offer insights into income, expenditure, profit, loss, and other key financial metrics that help you understand your business’s financial health and guide strategic decision-making.

What follow-up support do you provide after project completion?

At Nikuncept Consulting, we remain available for any queries or additional support you may need after the project’s completion. Our commitment is to your long-term success. In specific cases like QuickBooks Online Implementation, we schedule follow-up sessions to ensure seamless adoption of the system.

How can your Business Plans & Financial Forecast service benefit my business?

Our Business Plans & Financial Forecast service aids in crafting a comprehensive and compelling business strategy that aligns with your vision. The business plan effectively communicates your strategy and market opportunity to stakeholders, while the financial forecast provides an in-depth view of your business’s financial future, assisting in budgeting, risk management, and strategic decision-making. This helps in making your business more strategic, intentional, and likely to succeed.

What are the benefits of implementing QuickBooks Online through your service?

Implementing QuickBooks Online through our service allows you to leverage a leading accounting software solution, streamlining your financial processes and record-keeping. Our thorough training ensures your team can make the most of this powerful tool, leading to improved accuracy in financial records, simplified tax preparation, and valuable insights to guide your business decisions.

How can your Bookkeeping Services improve my business operations?

Our Bookkeeping Services handle the complex and time-consuming task of keeping your financial records accurate and up-to-date. By outsourcing this task to us, you can focus more on core business activities. Furthermore, accurate bookkeeping allows for reliable financial data, enabling informed business decisions and strategic planning.

How can your Small Business Tax Services alleviate my tax-related worries?

Our Small Business Tax Services are designed to ensure your business stays compliant with tax laws and regulations. By providing tax planning, payment, filing, and advisory services, we help you understand and effectively manage your tax responsibilities, avoid legal issues and financial penalties, and ensure accurate and timely tax filing.

What are the benefits of your Other Services like TIN registration, PAYE filing, and direct assessment registration?

These services help ensure your business stays compliant with regulatory requirements, which is critical for the survival and growth of any business. By taking on these tasks, we help you avoid penalties, protect your business’s reputation, and ensure smooth business operations.

How can your services help improve my business's survival rate?

At Nikuncept Consulting, we’re committed to improving the survival rates of startups and small businesses. By providing strategic insights, harnessing technology for operational efficiency, and offering a wide range of services tailored to your business needs, we empower businesses to operate effectively, unlock their profit potential, and mitigate risks that could lead to failure.

Why should I choose Nikuncept Consulting over other consulting firms?

Nikuncept Consulting sets itself apart through a unique blend of services designed specifically for startups and small businesses. Our services are aimed at strategic growth, harnessing technology for efficiency, and championing startups and small businesses. We value honesty, simplicity, diligence, and we’re dedicated to our clients, ensuring you get the best possible outcomes. Furthermore, our proven methodology and continuous support even after project completion demonstrate our commitment to your business’s long-term success.