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Strategic Business Advisory

Every business regardless of its position on the growth trajectory needs to be well informed by keeping a close eye on its financial results and other key growth indicators for the business. To do this, a business should ensure that it maintains quality financial records that can produce reliable financial reports. 

While good financial reports/statements look at what has already happened (which cannot be altered), financial advisory using metrics and scorecards look at what may happen (i.e. taking a front shield approach).


The financial advisory also enables the business owner(s) to see how the financial results impact the business presently and the potential future outcomes for the business. All these make for better planning, independent analysis, better strategic decision making, allocation & re-allocation of resources for optimal business performance, etc.


All your financial management and financial planning efforts should be geared towards ensuring that the numbers directly grow your business. Don’t just have the numbers, make strategic financial decisions with them.


As you keep your books and constantly examine your financials, you need an expert advisor to help you make sense of the financial data, compare benchmarks and make educative guesses of possible future occurrences. 


We have expert hands who will give you real-time and beneficial financial advice that your business will be grateful for.


Our Business Advisory Process

  1. We use data from your accounting system
  2. We Map the accounts to match our live plan metrics tool
  3. Choose key business performance metrics that pertain to the business to test for cash, profit, inventory, assets performance, etc. and then also look at the trend analysis
  4. We then look at other nonfinancial data such as observation, non-empirical, interviews with team, etc
  5. Reporting and We hold an advisory meeting with the management and business owners where we highlight areas of improvement and if necessary, backed by actionable timelines.

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