Business Simplified Health Checks

Business Simplified Health Checks

We have often heard business owners say things like: I don’t know where my money has gone to. I can’t see all these money been reported. I don’t seem to move from where I am…..Well, businesses get sick too.

It is a smart business move to regularly check your business’s health, which will give you the correct diagnostics about the state of your organization by arming you with the proper knowledge that will influence your decision-making as we advance.

To properly conduct your business health checks, we use the Simplified Examination for Maximizing Profit (SEMP) Approach by:

Getting to know your business.

Running a "Simplified Financial Statement Review" (vertical and horizontal).

Testing key performance metrics.

Conduct SWOT analysis.

Further, investigate trends.

Looking at other non-financial areas of the operations.

Reporting findings.

To survive and prosper year after year, a small business owner must consistently remain successful and, to do that, they must have an abundance of knowledge in all of the core functional areas of business. Of course, since many small business owners lack these core competencies, they cannot “go it alone.” They need a shoulder to rest on, and an Accredited SME consultant like us is a vital resource to help drive sales, reduce expenses, operate more efficiently, and improve the bottom line.

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