Business Plans and Financial Forecasts

Business Plans and Financial Forecasts

A business plan defines in summary how a business will run and how management intends to grow the company. It is usually prepared in the formation stages of the company, especially if the founders of the business are trying to attract investors, obtain financing or even knowing if the business will be successful or otherwise. 

A well-developed business plan is a work in progress and can (and should) be expanded into a more complex, strategic plan as the business begins to operate, evolve, and grow.

There is no single template that ‘wins the award’ in writing a business plan; an essential element in preparing a business plan is to make sure that important factors of the business are covered. As Liveplan Expert Advisors and Accredited Small Business Consultants, we advise and adopt the following template:

I. Cover Page
ii. Executive Summary
iii. Table of Contents
iv. Business Profile
   a. Description of the business (product and services offered)
   b. History and form of organization
   c. The organizational chart and individual manager resumed. Board of Directors or Board of Advisors (short resumes)
   e. Core competencies
   f. Opportunities and challenges
   g. Marketing Plan
   h. Competitive Analysis.
   i. Operational plan
v. Financial Information
vi. Growth Plan
vii. Supporting Documents.
Although each business plan will contain the above sections, it will also be individualized for the particular
industry in which it operates. 

Our Business Plan Proven Process

Fill out the KYC form here

Plan type and scope of work is sent to you through a proposal to be sure we have your needs covered.

Sign service agreements.

We receive 70% advance payment of the entire invoice sum sent.

Fill out plan proper questionnaire we would be sending to you.

1 hour Virtual or physical meeting with you for 'pulse feeling' we need to know what's driving you

The plan is completed within the agreed time reached

Plan handover meeting session typically 1 to 2 hours

Note: Plan is delivered in PDF, and a maximum of two edits are allowed after plan delivery. Where a physical copy is required, the cost of coloured printing and delivery will be charged.

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