About Us

We are Certified Bookkeepers, Accredited Small Business Consultants and Expert Advisors. We help startups, and small businesses in Tech, retail and Service sectors achieve operational efficiency, transforming their businesses into; growth-focused and revenue-driven ventures.

We provide quality hindsight, data-driven insights and foresight that points businesses in the right direction (if they are looking forward). These services will put your business on the right pedestal for profitability, better financial planning, and management that will help achieve overall business operational efficiency.

Our goal is to help businesses in chosen sectors work out the financial and operational aspects so well that it strategically influences their business decisions into success.

Our Vision

“To be recognized for contributing to the reduction in the failure and death rate of Startups and SMEs in Africa.”

Our Mission Statement

“Guaranteeing a higher business survival rate by helping Startups and SMEs achieve operational efficiency.”



We are SME FRIENDLY, in that, we understand your challenges and needs.


We are EXCITED about what we do.


We value INTEGRITY in words and actions.


We ensure SIMPLICITY in our approach and delivery.


We strive to be DILIGENT in all we do.


We GIVE ourselves to our people and clients because we are blessed people.

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